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Taking it a step further with ceramic & porcelain

Both ceramic &porcelain tile offer many of the same benefits that other floor coverings do, but for many homeowners, they add just a bit more. While they are just as easy to decorate with, and have just as many worthwhile benefits, they seem to add an air of elegance that’s hard to find in other flooring materials. Whatever the reason for this added characteristic, it’s safe to say, you’ll still find many, if not all, of your needs met in these materials.

As a family owned flooring business, Quality Carpets Inc. knows the worth of a dependable floor covering. That’s why we’ll go above the call in helping you find exactly what you need to fit your lifestyle as well as the budget you have to worth with. Since our customers are our number one priority, we carry a wide selection of flooring materials and all the services you’ll need to bring it all together. From our showroom in Glassboro, NJ, we proudly serve the areas of Glassboro, Sewell, Ocean City, Stone Harbor, and Deptford. Come in soon so that we can show you how we can help turn your house into a home.
Ceramic tile flooring in Stone Harbor, NJ from Quality Carpets Inc.

Ceramic & porcelain for every room

When you think of ceramic & porcelain, it’s likely you think of installing it in the bathroom. It has a great reputation in this room, actually, as it is waterproof enough to stand up to all the moisture, humidity, and water splashing. The materials can even be installed inside the shower itself. The same characteristics that make this an excellent choice for the bathroom also makes it appropriate in kitchens, foyers, and laundry rooms as well.

The great news is, these materials are just as suited to every other room in your home. Up front, you’ll know that spills won’t be an issue, but there are more reasons than that. For instance, you can literally choose any look you want. You can move from something pristine and all natural for the living room, or you can go for a look as unique as you are yourself. Intricate mosaics can be made, or you could opt for something a little lower key, with solid colors or any array of patterns you might choose.

You’ll also enjoy the lifespan that comes with this flooring, easily lasting an average of 40 years with proper care and maintenance. Since it’s so dense and hard, it can stand up under some of the most active lifestyles, and keep right on looking as beautiful as ever.

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