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Carpet facts that matter

Choosing the one and only soft surface flooring is a great opportunity to really dive into all its great benefits and options. Since its inception into the flooring market, many changes have taken place, including newer benefits that are helpful for the majority of homeowners. From stunning good looks, to functionality you can really depend on, you’ll find something for you in at least one product in this line. So take the time to read along and find out more about a floor covering that might just fit all your needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, Quality Carpets Inc. is a family owned business that puts customer satisfaction in first place. We are a full service flooring store that offers not only a wide selection of flooring materials, but consultations and information that are truly beneficial. From our showroom in Glassboro, NJ, we serve the areas of Glassboro, Sewell, Ocean City, Stone Harbor, and Deptford. We would enjoy your visit to our showroom, allowing us the opportunity to serve you as well. Stop in any time to get your own flooring process started.
Luxurious carpet in Glassboro, NJ from Quality Carpets Inc.

The many benefits of carpet

Carpet floors are an excellent way to create an inviting space in your home for those who live there, as well as guests you invite into your home. From the wide selection of appearances you’ll have to choose from, it’s an easy task. You’ll have choices in colors, patterns, and designs, as well as fiber types, lengths, and so much more. You can both match your decor as well as create a little something new, all at the same time.

This flooring has always offered a safe environment for young and old alike. For young children, it can be a warm and safe space to play on the floor, and for the older people, it can provide a more stable surface on which to walk. Both age groups can benefit from fewer falls, but if falls do happen, serious injury is often averted thanks to a softer spot to land.


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